Imagine a Place Podcast with Mark Ostrom of Joy Collaborative.

Creating lasting spaces for joy.

There is just so much we want to say about our guest Mark Ostrom today - It’s just hard to fit that much goodness into one introduction though. Mark is the founder and executive director of Joy Collaborative, a nonprofit that you will love learning about.

Joy Collaborative is a partnership of impassioned doers and givers –designers, architects, and builders; donors, volunteers, and sponsors – who come together to transform kids’ personal spaces, creating environments that for some kids become magnets of activity; for other kids a place of respite. For all the kids and families Joy Collaborative serves, they aspire to create spaces that deliver joy. Because as Mark explains, "everyone deserves a space where they can be themselves."

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Design leadership
  • Design for good 

  • Designing for youth with life-limiting medical conditions

  • Creating spaces for joy

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