Laura Guido Clark on the Imagine a Place podcast

Love Good Color

Today's episode is all about Color. Color for social good, color to engage our senses, color in ways you probably haven’t thought of before. Laura Guido-Clark is the Founder and President of the color consultancy Love Good Color and the non-for-profit, Project Color Corps. Color changed the way Laura sees the world, and she’s using it to change the world for good.

Learn more about Love Good Color:

Project Color Corps:


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Color
  • Color theory
  • Color uses for mood
  • Design psycology

More about Laura Guido Clark: 

Laura Guido-Clark’s mission is to empower people and companies to live well with color. Her work emotively transports people and helps them understand color’s power to forge connections to products, physical spaces, and the world around them. Laura is a color educator and strategist who speaks internationally on the humanity of color and its impact. She is dedicated to her non-profit organization, Project Color Corps™, spreading “optical optimism” to neighborhoods across the country.

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  • Doug Shapiro
  • Laura Guido Clark
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