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Igniting Passion: The Skill of Lifelong Learning and Intuition

In celebration of National Back To School Month, I host third grade teacher and summer-camp innovator, Juan Edgar Gonzalez Jr.  With an almost-evangelical commitment to building lifelong learners, he shows us how authenticity and the practice of honoring others where they are could be the most important skills to develop as leaders and mentors.

In this episode, we discover the gift of enthusiasm and commitment to lifelong learning and investigate the skills needed to teach, mentor and nurture young learners.

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Juan Edgar Gonzalez Jr is a dedicated public school teacher from Houston, Texas who is deeply committed to inspiring others through his creative content on social media. In addition, he co-owns Camp Teach and Grow, a summer retreat for educators to come together and learn from one another. Juan firmly believes that student success is achieved when teachers actively listen to their needs and treat each student as a unique individual.


  • Cheryl Durst
  • Doug Shapiro
  • Adriana Davila
  • Juan Edgar Gonzalez Jr
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