Imagine a Place Podcast with Bill Van Erp of Gensler

Lessons from the Library: The story of Bill Van Erp - Gensler

Bill Van Erp's work spans over 30 years as Gensler's resource librarian, a role he would master. In this role, Bill managed the design catalogs, materials library, and vendor relationships for Gensler's design department. Over the course of Bill's career, he was able to observe the paths of hundreds of designers that would come and go from Gensler's San Fransisco office and he developed a sense for talent - and on today's episode he shares his "secret sauce," the recipe that he believes leads to the designers that are most likely to grow inside their firm.

We also discuss some of the most pivotal changes that influenced our industry's culture and why he loved his job so darn much.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Building a lasting career in design
  • Gensler history
  • Design career tips for young designers
  • Developing a personal brand in design

Quotes from Bill Van Erp:

"It's all about enabling people to do great things."

"My advice for a lasting career in design is to be nice to everyone and hope for the best."

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  • Doug Shapiro
  • Bill Van Erp
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