Imagine a Place Podcast with Kelly Bacon of AECOM

Is your workplace an enabler?

Kelly Bacon joins us today to help us understand the role of place in a world where work can happen anywhere. She is the Global Lead for AECOM’s Workplace Advisory Practice and co-author of “Future Office- Next Generation Workplace Design." In this interview, we’ll discuss some of the key present-day shifts in the workplace design and strategy and how you can prepare for a work-life that we’ve yet to imagine.


Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Workplace design
  • Workplace strategy
  • The future of the workplace
  • Building a flexible and agile workplace 

Quotes from Kelly Bacon: 

"Work is really a state of mind. When you are in the mindset to do work, that’s where your workplace is."

About Kelly Bacon of AECOM:

Kelly leads the workplace strategy practice for AECOM in the United States. Her degrees in business, sociology, and predictive analytics enable her to provide a societal context for organizational change. Kelly has deep expertise in applying behavioral research methods and diverse design strategies in corporate environments to drive impactful and sustainable transformation. Kelly is dedicated to multiple areas of research – human-computer interaction, occupier wellbeing, and cognitive ergonomics. She recognizes that a corporate environment is an eco-system, and takes a holistic view in her approach to evidence-based workplace strategies.

Future Office- Next Generation Workplace Design

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