OFS and Carolina launch ready-to-order products at NeoCon 2019

OFS and Carolina launch ready-to-order products at NeoCon 2019

by Aaron Estabrook

Products not prototypes

Chicago, IL., June 10, 2019 - OFS and Carolina have promised to their customers a “products not prototypes” commitment at NeoCon. Product introductions by the brands are ready-to-order and available for delivery in 8 weeks. This is the company’s 6th NeoCon delivering on this promise. “It’s not always easy, but we are committed to showing ready-to-order products. Design project timelines and decision making windows are getting tighter, so when you see something you like from OFS or Carolina in June at NeoCon, we want you to be able to have it in your space in August that same year,” shared Nick Blessinger, VP Marketing, OFS

At NeoCon, OFS and Carolina want you to imagine a place that feels just right when you walk through the door. A place that welcomes you to have a productive, healthy and inspirational day. A place where you can bring your whole self. Imagine a place that understands you and allows you to put together a day where choices are yours to make.

“Our intent is to embrace the diversity found in the workplace today. Not only the diversity within the workforce, but the diversity in the way in which people choose to work. We have always been a company focused on the importance of how people feel and we hope this year more than ever, you are able to feel that you are walking into a space that was created just for you.” Molly Menke, Director of Marketing, OFS

New products

Creating great products and experiences begins with understanding and caring about people. We do this by focusing on three big ideas in our design process: Simple. Purposeful. Personal. These principles support four human needs which drive everything we do. Our need to connect, discover, focus, and restore, which draw us to different environments and places throughout the day. This goal of OFS and Carolina was to introduce a broad range of innovative solutions inspired by these needs that allow more choice, so you can apply your whole self to work, healing and learning.

New OFS solutions unveiled at NeoCon 2019 include:

Obeya architecture
Designer: Webb Associates
Through the richness of wood, Obeya’s design was intended to simplify and define
space. Spaces designed with intent, communicate expectations without precisely
prescribing them. Obeya is a framework that brings settings and people together
accordingly, based on the human needs of privacy and belonging.

Cosíma lounge
Designer: Thijs Smeets
In the midst of busy, high-intensity workdays, we often need a place to unwind and let
our minds rest. With its slightly oversized frame structure, guests are given a little extra
space to settle into and seek the restoration they need.

Kasura seating
Designer: Webb Associates
Kasura offers an array of beauty and aesthetics. A beautiful veneer wrap graces the
approach of the chair. The warmth of wood is elegant and natural and appeals to our
innate love for nature. The name Kasura has roots in comfort and console and you can
feel this in the contours of the sit.

Rowen casegoods
Designer: Brian Graham
Rowen designer, Brian Graham, took inspiration from architecture and landscapes
to create graceful, inviting forms that serve utility as well as features choices for
collaborative integration.
“Based on my observation that ancillary spaces in open office landscapes need a sense
of being anchored, credenzas and bookcases provide important territorial markers to
establish and define spatial boundaries” - Brian Graham

Roo collection
Designers: Chelsea Flickinger, Garrett Steinlage
Roo was created to add a beautiful design element to casual spaces within the
workplace. Roo originated from a Kansas State University and OFS collaboration for 5th
year Interior Architecture and Product Design students. Flickinger and Steinlage, have
graduated, but continue to design enhancements, including planters and a coat rack,
leveraging the design language and components of the original occasional table series.
A portion of sales from the Roo collection provides on-going support of the KSU IAPD
program. View more about KSU from Imagine a Place

Yelly chair
Chairs provide a unique opportunity to add functional design detail and personalization
to any space. With dainty wood forms curved with soft artistic shaping, Yelly presents
touches that make a place feel homeful.


New Carolina solutions include:

This year Carolina is showcasing innovative product solutions, which highlight some
of the top trends in today’s healthcare interiors. As you walk through the showroom,
you’ll experience trends like biophilia, activity-based waiting spaces and the integration
of technology.

Designer: Mike Shields
Lasata’s mission is to surround patients with a sense of calm and a place of peace while
supporting caregivers during the delivery of care. Unlike many recliners on the market,
Lasata offers more standard features and fewer optional upcharges. The benefit to that
is greater functionality and higher usability for the patient and caregiver.
“Lasata, designed by Mike Shields of Studio3, our newest, most progressive and
forward-thinking patient recliner. Lasata supports the relationship between patients and
caregivers, allowing them each to focus on what’s most important at critical moments.
It has more standard features than any other patient recliner on the market, and creates
greater value for hospitals and health systems focused on improving patient and
caregiver experiences.” - Stan Gray, Director of Healthcare

Designer: Achella Design
Reservoir offers storage and convenience that provides patients and caregivers support.
Reservoir overbed table supports quality care delivery and consultative moments
between caregivers, patients, and their families. Provides moments for knowledge
sharing allow positive connections and faster recoveries.
For more information on OFS at NeoCon, please visit ofs.com and carolina.ofs.com

About OFS
OFS is a family-owned contract furniture manufacturer dedicated to crafting
experiences and products that contribute to places where people want to be. Founded
in 1937, OFS provides furniture and logistics solutions for office, healthcare, education,
lifestyle, government, and home office markets worldwide, offering seating products,
tables, casegoods, and open plan products. OFS is based in Huntingburg, Indiana.

About Carolina
For over 70 years, Carolina has designed and manufactured quality furniture for
customers around the globe. Founded in 1947, Carolina has constantly evolved their
products and expanded their knowledge to meet the needs of tomorrow’s challenges,
as well as today’s. Carolina is based in High Point, NC and was acquired by OFS Brands
in 2007. Due to the unique connection to OFS, Carolina can also draw from their full
offering of products designed for administrative working spaces.

Aaron Estabrook, OFS
(812) 827-3386 | aestabrook@ofs.com