Abby Murray of Mortarr on the imagine a place podcast

Giving up good for great.

As the buyer’s journey becomes increasingly digital…so do our jobs, our communication, our processes. As Abby Murray embraced this new digital lens, her motivation for starting Mortarr was built through a combination of frustration and opportunity. She saw the potential for a more inclusive, efficient, and greener way of doing business. Today, she is the CEO of Mortarr – A website built around connecting ideas, products, and professionals in the commercial design industry.

In this episode, she drops advice on how we can be more digitally-minded when it comes to finding efficiencies in our process and communication. A powerful moment in our conversation comes at the end, when I learn how Abby had to give up goodness to find greatness.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How Mortarr was launched and the challenges of running a business
  • Building a career in the commercial design industry
  • Overcoming obstacles and setting goals
  • Sustainable business models and creating greener businesses


  • Doug Shapiro
  • Abby Murray
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