Imagine a Place Podcast with Bolanle Williams Olley of Mancini Duffy

How to build boldly.

Today, we host Bolanle Williams-Olley, aka Bola. She’s the CFO for the New York design and architecture firm Mancini Duffy, and she’s going to help you Build Boldly. Build Boldly is the title of Bola’s recently published book. It’s a hybrid autobiography and self-help book that immerses you in her own journey and how those lessons can apply towards building your own career. B.O.L.D. is the acronym that ties it all together and today, we explore the “B” part of that acronym – “Be Yourself."

Sounds easy on the surface right? Well… just like everything in life, there’s a lot more to it.

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  • Bolanle Williams Olley
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