Wendy Rodgers of LPA on the Imagine a Place Podcast

Raise your hand

Today, we speak with Wendy Rodgers, CEO of architecture and design firm LPA - and in this episode, she's going to encourage you to "raise your hand." Since joining LPA as an intern in 1987, Wendy Rodgers' journey has taken her all the way to CEO. How'd she do it? As Wendy explains, embracing an entrepreneurial spirit and taking on BIG initiatives can create momentum in your career - however, the journey might not always be easy, and there is a risk, but leaning into this risk is where we learn and grow.

We will get into that journey in this conversation, but we’ll also cover the state of the industry, career advice, and the future of building greener schools. So, get ready to be motivated to take risks, learn to fail, and grow towards your goals.

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  • Wendy Rodgers
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