Sofia Acosta on the Imagine a Place podcast by OFS

What tomorrow’s design leaders want

Today, we’ll hear from a recent graduate who just began her career at Gensler. If you think there is nothing to learn from a student, you are about to be turned upside down. Sofia Acosta is as wise, collected, and clear-headed as anyone we’ve interviewed on the podcast so far. Sofia graduated in May 2021 from Kansas State’s 5-year master's program in Interior Architecture and Industrial Design. Even more impressive is her humble nature and urgent passion for sustainability. Sofia is the perfect example of the bright, passionate youth that will be the change in the planet that we know we need… We just need to give them the stage and allow them to lead.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Design trends
  • The future of design
  • Design sustainablity
  • Design psycology

More about Sofia Acosta: 

Sofia Acosta is a 2021 graduate from the Interior Architecture and Product Design master's program at Kansas State University. She is an active member of Women in Design and the Intercultural Collaborative Committee and has helped organize NOMAS events and outreach. Sofia is inspired by the way design celebrates culture, community, and expression. She designs interiors that celebrate the interaction between place, product, and user.

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  • Doug Shapiro
  • Sofia Acosta
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