Current Blend, a co-working space in Southern Indiana

Case Study: Current Blend

Behind the scenes of Current Blend

Overview of the project and space.

Current Blend is a co-working space located in Huntingburg, Indiana. Established in 2015 in partnership with the city, the company wanted to foster collaboration, networking, and provide a comfortable space for local remote workers. 

What was the design vision for the space and why? 

Current Blend wanted to create a warm and inviting space for locals to feel a sense of home and empowerment. They also wanted to maintain the sense of history that is embedded in both the town and the building itself. Over the years, the building has been an antique shop, a clothing boutique, and more. The exposed brick wall inside the interior showcases the wear of history, and also provided a warm, earthen color palette to start from. 

Working with OFS, we were able to create space to focus, collaborate, connect, and network—yet to have a great individual workspace if need be.
- Sarah Flamion, Executive Director of Current Blend

What problems were the end-user trying to solve with the new space (i.e. overcrowding, culture change, wellness)?

When Current Blend was first opened in 2015, the board envisioned that both teams and individuals would co-work within the space. Therefore, they designed the office as mostly open-plan, with few spaces to retreat and focus. Over time, the board of directors noticed that they needed more space division to accommodate changing technological needs and increased privacy. 

When approached by the OFS team with the possibility of another renovation, they jumped at the opportunity to reshape their space to better fit the needs of those within. Together, they would use furniture and design elements like biophilia by GrowUp Greenwalls, an earthen color palette, and natural wood tones to provide more private space, acoustical barriers, and a warmer, more homeful aesthetic. 

How did the team reflect the vision and mission of the company through design? 

In 2019, Destination Huntingburg decided to take over ownership of Current Blend in order to offer a reprieve for previous leadership. Therefore, the values and culture of Current Blend very clearly reflect the mission and vision for Destination Huntingburg: “We are dedicated to encouraging, enriching & developing an inviting atmosphere in Huntingburg, Indiana. We are committed to preserving our history while leading the way in civic, cultural, social, and economic activities.”

Therefore, Current Blend clearly needed to reflect this mission in the space design. To display this, the team chose rich, warm colors, included plants, and integrated both private and collaborative spaces. The space not only feels warm and welcoming, but supports a variety of human needs as a reflection of that inviting, inspiring culture. 

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Andrea Ecret, Brand Manager at OFS
Andrea Ecret, Brand Manager

"It was such a pleasure to give back to our local community by offering our gifts and talents to foster a more effective workspace. Small changes like more acoustical privacy, control over your work environment, and natural touches empower members to be more productive throughout the day. And that is something we will always support."

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