OFS Customer Service Area

Case Study: OFS Customer Service

Behind the scenes of our customer service renovation

Overview of the project and space. 

OFS decided to renovate our Customer Service area to better reflect our people-centered design ethos. Customer Service reps often work in a high-stress environment where they both need privacy and opportunity for collaboration, so we redesigned the space to feel like a living, breathing, inviting environment that could inspire and comfort employees at their work.

What was the design vision for the space and why?

OFS wanted to design an inspiring and uplifting space for our hardworking employees. Our interior design team, Nicole Giesler and Chelsie Fritz, decided to use natural colors, warm textures, art, space planning, natural light, and plants to create an almost spa-like environment.

Layout is just as important as design details, so they also wanted to balance impromptu meeting or celebration spaces with focus and restoration spots. Now, customer service team members can always work in environments that support their needs.

What problems were we trying to solve with the new space? 

We wanted to solve two problems within the space:

First, we wanted to brighten and update the aesthetic to a more uplifting, bright, and inspiring space.

Second, refresh the layout to best support the people within. For example, Account Managers are often on phone calls and need more filing space, while traditional customer service team members need both privacy to answer calls and an opportunity for quick collaboration in case of questions. On the other hand, engineers need focus space for heads-down time. We needed to support each of these different types of working styles within one holistic space.

Seemingly small details like changing the ceiling from black to white and installing new lights flooded the space with brightness. This is why I love design, because these simple changes can influence how we feel, find inspiration, and approach our work.
- Chelsie Fritz, Interior Designer for OFS

How did the team reflect the mission and vision of the company through design? 

OFS stands behind a brand of homefulness, people-centered design, sustainability, art, and family values. To reflect this, the space includes a hand-painted mural by in-house illustrator, Ashley Verkamp, complete with tactile touches like leather and vinyl. Other accents like hand-made ceramic and wood pendant lights + wall sconces cast a soft glow and show our passion for craftsmanship as well as emulate the homeful feel.

The WELL Building Standard is also core to OFS’ design ethos, as OFS headquarters are WELL Platinum certified. So, WELL set the standard when choosing lighting, sound quality, adding plants to the space, and more.


John Becher
Sr. VP of HR/Sales Administration

"I feel like we hit a home run with the space—especially by providing each employee with much-needed personal space, ergonomics, and sit/stand workstations. We really created an inclusive environment that feels warm and inviting."

Chelsie Fritz
Interior Designer

"My mom worked in Customer Service my whole life, so I saw a direct impact of how that stress took a toll on her.  I wanted to create a living, breathing environment that felt inviting, comforting, yet inspiring and uplifting."

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