The skills that make us

The skills that make us

We are thrilled by the latest addition to the Imagine a Place Productions family of podcasts…. It’s called The Skill Set and as you might have heard by now, it’s hosted by the one and only Cheryl Durst - An exceptional communicator, innovator, and visionary leader, Cheryl Durst has spurred progress, driven change, and encouraged the expansion of the Interior Design industry.


Cheryl has spent a lifetime fascinated by the backstories that reveal where those foundational skills come from. With The Skill Set, she taps into those stories to uncover the not-so-apparent abilities that power success.


Now – The Skill Set may be brand new, but the idea is something that has lived in Cheryl’s head for quite some time. Here’s our conversation where we seek to uncover her true "why" behind launching The Skill Set.

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  • Cheryl Durst
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