Edwin Beltran of NBBJ on the Imagine a Place podcast

When optimism and Healthcare Design collide.

Edwin Beltran is loaded with optimism, cultural understanding, and some powerful insights on Healthcare Design As the Design Principal at NBBJ, Edwin has led some of the firm’s most notable and award-winning healthcare projects. In today’s conversation, Edwin shares some powerful healthcare design insights; and at the end, we end up exploring his Puerto Rican heritage and how it has shaped who he is today. We catch Edwin right before he is leaving Healthcare Design Expo where he will be a featured speaker about the changing role of the mock-up in the interior design process.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The future of healthcare design
  • Senior living design
  • Behavioral health
  • Design education and rethinking prototyping

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  • Doug Shapiro
  • Edwin Beltran
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