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Old Town Hall,
Huntingburg, IN

A sort of serendipity

Phyllis Menke, our matriarch, says that the whole progression of events is serendipity. Who could’ve known that her passion project, restoring the Old Town Hall, would turn out to be the perfect location to encapsulate the past and future of our company in a historic, beautiful location. Though designed years apart, our new furniture designs and the restored patterns and colors of the Victorian-style Old Town Hall blend perfectly, telling a story of resilience, faithfulness, and beauty.
We've turned our Old Town Hall experience into a free, downloadable inspiration lookbook. Get your copy here!
Product spotlight
Every building has those spaces that people are drawn to for escape. Some are intentional through architecture, while others are more natural based on flow and activity or the lack of it. Nooks, alcoves, corridors, and stairs often present an escape and that's exactly what LeanTo is designed to achieve, outfitted to feel like it was built into your space all along.
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2020 Summer product lineup


Partners for purpose

We chose the below partnerships that support our passion for creating a more sustainable and socially equitable planet where small businesses can thrive and a career in design is accessible to all.
About Siosi Design
Siosi Design is a small business founded by Audi Culver and Ivy Siosi, two craftswomen, partners in life, and collaborators in design.
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