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Cool Springs,
Velpen, IN

Inviting you into our backyard

Cool Springs started as a place of restoration and dedication to sustainability. Over time, it has also served as an important place for human connection. We often bring friends, clients, and co-workers out to the nature preserve to find space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to focus on relationships, restoration, and the peace of nature.

Some of our favorite parts of Cool Springs include the horse barn, the marina, wooden bridges over our serene lake, trails zig-zagging through the forest, and gardens that eventually find their way to the kitchen of Chef Aimee, who cooks specialty recipes at the Eagle’s Nest.

Truly, this segment of the Fall 2020 Experience is intended to invite you behind the curtain, into our home and our everyday life. Come a little closer, get to know us, and this place that we love

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Can a chair feel as good as it looks? As you approach, you are graced with the natural beauty of wood, color, or a textile and attentive interior stitching. Kasura certainly garners visual interest. Then, you sit, and any question is forgotten. Offered in dining, lounge, bar stool, or meeting room options, Kasura meets you wherever you are.
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Partners for purpose

We chose the below partnerships that support our passion for creating a more sustainable and socially equitable planet where small businesses can thrive and a career in design is accessible to all.
Meet Radio Roasters
Radio Roasters is a small, single-sourced specialty coffee roaster located in Decatur Heights, GA.
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