Nathan Howe of KSU on the Imagine a Place podcast by OFS

The secret ingredient

Disclaimer: After listening to this episode, you might decide to leave the practicing world behind and begin your second career as a professor. Our guest today is Nathan Howe, Department Head of Kansas State’s Interior Architecture and Industrial Design program - and Nathan has some stories to tell.

There is an energy and openness to the academic world that just feels good to reconnect with at times. As we discuss today, it's this creative and open vibe that is the secret ingredient for any successful work culture. At the end of the episode, we also go deep into Nathan’s personal identity as half Colombian and half American / U.S. citizen. Nathan Howe asks the brave question:

“If my name were Nathan Gomez, would my life have turned out differently?”

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Design education
  • Planning for a career in design
  • The role of identity

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