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New York

Contract: # PC66314

Expiration: Dec 1, 2018

Brands: OFS | First Office | Carolina | Loewenstein | Highmark

Bill To: Direct to the State Agency, with all active OFS dealers in the State of NY authorized to participate as servicing dealer of record.

Dealers: The following OFS dealers have been authorized by the State of NY OGS to invoice the NYS agency and receive payments directly.

AFD Contract Furniture, New York
Accent Commercial Furniture, Albany
Alianza, Nyack
Arenson, New York City
Commercial Furniture Interiors, Inc. 
Creative Office Pavilion, New York City
Currimbhoy-Cassidy, New York City
Empire Office, New York
Evenson Best, New York
Mid-City Office Equipment, Buffalo
MMS East LLC (Concordance Healthcare Solutions)
Office Resources, Boston
Roberts Office Interiors, Rome
Sedgwick Business Interiors, Rochester & Syracuse
Standard Commercial Interiors, Albany
Syracuse Business Center, Syracuse
Telcar Certified, Holbrook
VRD Corporate Interiors, Holbrook
Waldners Business Environments, Farmingdale
Workspace Consulting Group, Stamford

Price Books in effect:
OFS & First Office: March 2017
Carolina: March 2016
(includes Mile Marker, but not Carolina Casegoods, which are NOT on contract)
Loewenstein: March 2017
Highmark: March 2017

OFS, First Office & Highmark
$1 - 476,000 LIST: 58.0%
$476,001 - Over LIST: 59.04%


$ 1 - 112,000 LIST: 55.5%
112,001 LIST – over: 56.86%

Loewenstein All Orders: 54.56%

Installation: Not Included. Installation is negotiable. No Small Order handling fees apply.
Inside Delivery: 15% of Net Cost
CAL 133 Compliance: 25% of Net Cost